4 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Laser Tattoo Removal Process


No, one of those easy ways doesn't involve a saw.

When you make a commitment to remove your tattoo, you want the best and fastest results as possible. We totally understand! We want your tattoo gone ASAP, just like you. We know that tattoo removal can be a lengthy process. (Insert request for lasers that work magic here). If you're spending several months with us in your tattoo removal process, we encourage you to do as much as you can to help speed up the removal process with a few safe, healthy, and natural ways to help move it along. 


Your laser technician will tell you over and over and OVER again to keep your tattoo out of the sun during your treatment process. Side note - during any laser treatments you need to stay out of the sun. When your body is exposed to the sun, you might be turned away until your skin goes back to normal. Putting a laser to skin with a sun burn? Out of the question. The longer you wait in between sessions the better but exposing your skin to further damage in between does not help your removal process. It only hinders it.


Increasing your circulation helps your body break down the ink particles faster. If your tattoo is placed in a spot where your circulation isn't great such as your fingers, hands, or wrist, we've found that even getting a stress ball, speeds up that process. You'll find that on tattoos that are being removed on both hands, the tattoo that's on the dominant hand will remove much faster than the tattoo on the non dominant hand. 


Decreasing alcohol consumption and increasing your water intake can greatly improve your removal results. Alcohol dehydrates your body, which hinders your bodies ability to function at the top of it's game. Staying hydrated helps your body do it's job and process the ink at an easier and faster rate. 


We know and fully understand that quitting smoking can be very difficult. However, regular smoking decreases the effectiveness of tattoo removal significantly. Our bodies play a huge role in our removal process. Our immune systems are already working to remove smoking pollutants when we're smoking. This means that the rate in which our bodies will process and remove the ink from our bodies slows down tremendously. Removing an unwanted tattoo can be a great motivator to reduce or quit that smoking habit. 

Our technology at Blacklist Laser is the only technology in our area FDA approved to remove your unwanted tattoo. Our laser is specifically designed to only remove tattoos. Don't risk receiving a treatment from any other laser not meant to remove tattoos. Our consultations are completely free to you.