Laser Tattoo Removal Before A Cover Up Tattoo: Is It Worth It?

Let's talk about cover ups.


Whether you changed your mind about your tattoo, went to an inexperienced artist for your work, got a significant others name or ring finger tattoo and split ways; there are many reasons people decided to cover up their tattoo. 

But getting a cover up isn't something to take lightly. 

Cover ups take a skilled and well versed artist to execute without looking too dark but still covering up the preexisting tattoo. 

Is laser tattoo removal necessary before I get a cover up?

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Laser tattoo removal isn't always necessary before a cover up but without it - your options are very limited if its even possible to cover your tattoo. Your skilled tattoo artist will be able to tell you just what is possible with your tattoo for a cover up. If your tattoo is dark, your cover up needs to be darker AND bigger to cover the original tattoo. 

Laser tattoo removal not only makes covering your tattoo possible, it also makes your options for covering it not so limited. For cover ups - using bold and dark colors are optimal for covering a tattoo. Lightening your tattoo before your cover up can give you more options when it comes to the type of design, colors, and style of tattoo your cover up can be.

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How many sessions will I need?

The amount of sessions you'll need to get the cover up you desire depends on your existing tattoo and the design you want. Every tattoo is different. At Blacklist, we are able to schedule tattoo removal consultations and consultations for your next cover up. You're able to speak to our laser specialists and a well versed tattoo artist about your options. 

Is lightening my tattoo before a cover up worth it?


We definitely think so! Laser tattoo removal does come with a price. But for those bigger tattoo cover ups - it can actually save you money when it comes down too it. Sometimes the amount of tattoo sessions to cover a tattoo without laser removal can be lengthy and pricey. That means that laser removal can actually save you time and money on your next tattoo. 

Whether your tattoo you're wanting to cover is big or small - give us a call! We can schedule your tattoo removal consultation and a consultation with an artist at Blacklist Ink. During your consultation you'll get both professional opinions about what's best for your tattoo.