4 Common Questions: Laser Tattoo Removal


We see it all the time. That tattoo you thought was a good idea really wasn’t. Whether it is a name, ring finger tattoo, poor design, or trust in an artist or person to put something permanently in your skin dropped the ball. There are many reasons why someone might want their tattoo removed or lightened for a better cover up. No matter the situation, we’re here to help! If you’re on the fence about tattoo removal, here are the most common questions we hear during our consultations.

  1. How does the laser process work?

    The laser works by targeting the ink in your skin. A tattoo is put into your dermis where your body heals it and even naturally works to fade your tattoo. The ink particles in your tattoo are too big for our bodies to get rid of naturally. The laser works by hitting the ink particles and breaking them into micro-particles, which your body is then able to process. Every laser tattoo removal treatment you receive breaks these particles down more and more for your body to eventually rid of the tattoo completely. You want to break these sessions up 8-12 weeks apart depending on your tattoo. The longer you wait between treatments, the longer your body has to fade your tattoo which can ideally lead to fewer treatments!

  2. How bad is this going to hurt?

    Listen, we are not going to lie to you laser tattoo removal is definitely painful. Tattoos hurt when they’re applied, it’s not going to be painless to get it off. But there are many different techniques we use to numb the area before treatment if needed. The great thing about laser tattoo removal treatments is that your tattoo that took hours to apply can be treated in a matter of seconds or minutes and it typically only hurts while the laser is applied to the skin. Afterwards it feels most like a sunburn.

  3. How much is this going to cost me?

    Laser tattoo removal treatments are based on size. So tattoo pricing can vary from tattoo to tattoo. We know laser tattoo removal is a time and cost commitment to you, that’s why at Blacklist Laser we offer a wide variety of discounts and monthly specials. How many treatments a tattoo needs depends on many factors of the tattoo and your body such as color, placement, saturation, existing scar tissue, how healthy you are, any existing health conditions, and a few more.

  4. What is the healing process like?

    Healing a laser tattoo removal treatment is a lot like healing a new tattoo. After laser tattoo removal it is common to blister, scab, and peel. Your tattoo might be red, raised, and bruised. Healing time depends on the tattoo and the persons body. We provide you with aftercare instructions and are here for you to reach out to anytime.

Every tattoo on every person varies in number of treatments and price. Our consultations are completely free to you! Book yours below.