Tattoo Removal Just Became A Little Easier - A Letter From Tyffanie


Let's face it - even with how technology has evolved to remove tattoos, the amount of sessions that's sometimes required to remove tattoos can definitely cause us all grief. I feel for my clients as a provider and as someone who has wanted a tattoo removed off of my body ASAP (my current clients know the tattoo I'm talking about).

The PFD Patch allows for multiple treatments in just one appointment. This has potential to speed up the overall removal process for clients! This patch isn't something I recommend for everyone. Some tattoos are favorable to remove in just a few sessions. But my clients with stubborn hand, wrist, ankle, feet, or face tattoos - this is something for you.

At Blacklist Laser, we strive to make laser tattoo removal as affordable as possible for our clients with the absolute best results. Clients that have followed our treatment guidelines and after care instructions are now tattoo free or have that amazing cover up they've always wanted. Those clients can be you! 

If you want to learn more about laser tattoo removal or about adding the PFD Patch to your treatment plan, there are multiple ways to get ahold of us.

First, you can book without even speaking to us! Just look over to the top right corner and click "Book Appointment" and you'll be on your way. 

Second, if you have any questions before booking feel free to give us a call! 417.529.6381 is the number. Myself (Tyffanie) or our shop manager would be happy to answer any questions. If you'd rather shoot us an email, you can head over to our contact page or email us directly at

Tyffanie Rogers

Owner/Laser Specialist

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